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Bass guitar

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Some time ago I bought myself a bass guitar. My little brother started playing electric guitar about a year ago and he pushed me to play bass.

So I bought myself a Silvertone starterpackage and started practicing. The beginning was difficult. I had a hard time playing pure notes but after a while it went better. No I can play some Heideroosjes songs, Nirvana and of course “Seven Nation Army” from the White Stripes.

As you can see on the Silvertone website the package comes with a 20 watts amp. More than enough for some practicing in the studentflat where I live in. But I am thinking of playing in a (starter) band. You can learn a lot of eachother when you play / jam together. So I was looking for a second hand bass amp. Preferable something with a little more ‘oumph’. If you now one for sale, please contact me.

I’ll add some bass related links to the link section and maybe I’ll offer some midi’s with bass loops for download. When I have some time….