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internationalisation & communication


Today, just like the previous to weeks I went to school to go to the college “internationalisation” from Jelle. Jelle is a nice teacher who can tell wonderful stories. But not today.

Because today, Jelle didn’t show up. He went home without informing us. The fourth years (old style) BI students from the avans hogeschool.

Why didn’t he inform us? Because we are inferior students who already should have been kicked away. We have less rights then the new students, in contrast to what they (the school) claims.

One of my colleague-students is now writing a letter to Jelle with the question why we weren’t informed on his absence. I’m curious what Jelle will answer.

School demands a lot of us, but fails to deliver any of its own promises. I’m really fed up with it right now. Maybe I’ll write something about it tomorrow.