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Project planning

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It’s been three days since I made a promise to post a lot of news on this site. And I really wanted to do that, but… I’ve been really busy. Again? Yes, again! This week I had to produce a project planning. This morning I have to deliver it to the bidder. So, I’m gonna make some last-moment adjustments and I hope it gets accepted. I’ll let it know.

I made the planning with Microsoft Project. What a disaster! It’s a really powerfull program, but I isn’t an inch user-friendly. You can generate a wepage with yourwebpage from it and it looks awful. I was hoping for jaw-dropping webpage like Visio (2002) generates. I’m no Microsoft-fan, but I really like the product Visio.

If all goes well, I’m going to try to assemble my new IKEA bookcase… ouch.