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How to find crap files, the size of them and how to remove them

on in Linux

I have all these little files in my modest mp3 collection that are not songs. Like m3u’s, txt-files, et cetera. But I want to get rid of these pesky little files.

First let’s see all this crap files:

find -name *.m3u -o -name *.ini -o -name *.txt -o -name *.nfo -o -name *.sfv -o -name *.LOG

How much size would they take all together?

find \( -name *.m3u -o -name *.ini -o -name *.txt -o -name *.nfo -o -name *.sfv -o -name *.LOG \) -exec du -k {} \; | awk '{sum+=$1} END {print sum"KB"}'

Wow! That’s a lot of space ‘ey? Now remove them:

find \( -name *.m3u -o -name *.ini -o -name *.txt -o -name *.nfo -o -name *.sfv -o -name *.LOG \) -exec rm -i {} \;