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Joomla! vs. Wordpress

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I’ve been using Wordpress for over two months now and I’ve already written 24 posts! I thinks that’s a nice average.

When I look at my old blog:, I think my average there is about two posts every month or so.

The difference is that I’m now using Wordpress instead of Joomla! And Wordpress is sooo much simpler for a blogsite then Joomla! You can use Joomla! for your blog. Even with comments and all. But the way Wordpress is set up, every moron (as me) can just start blogging. They made it really simple. And they should keep it that way! No fancy stuff in the default wordpress installation. If you want to get fancy, just install all plugins.

I’ve got to plugins installed. One for generating google sitemaps and another for caching my pages. The first one is a bit slow and I really don’t like it. The caching plugin (wp-cache 2) is really nice. Install, activate and go. And my website flies instead of crawling like it first did.

I’m using Joomla! during the day at my job. So Joomla! is buying my bread and paying my house and I know Joomla! through and through. I make webshops, coporate sites, intranets, etc. with Joomla!. But I wouldn’t use it for a blog. Wordpress is the way to go!


edit: I saw I haven’t added the sitemap to the above image. So here goes:

  • Red: Wordpress

  • Blue: Joomla!

  • Yellow: Drupal