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Resizing images from within Gnome

on in Linux

I take a fairly amount of pictures. Some months more than others. And sometimes I want to share them with relatives/friends. And everyone is using hotmail or some other crappy e-mail provider. So I want to keep the file size to a minimum. Well, then you need to batch resize the photos. What to use? If you search on google, they come up with all these cwazy shell scripts. That’s not what I want!

So I did an apt-cache search, and voila: nautilus-image-converter Mhhh…. what’s that? After a search on google I found some promissing screenshots. so I did an:

sudo apt-get install nautilus-image-converter

Restarted Gnome and…. resized my images with two mouseclicks! Nais…. Did not have to configure, edit, google, et cetera anything. I just worked™