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Released callbacks 0.0.1

on in Development, Ruby

Hi all! I’ve released my first project on rubyforge. The sourcecode is on github though. For the  simple reason that my git repository on rubyforge doesn’t work (yet). I hope they will fix it soon.

I’ve setup the project with the wonderful bones of Tim Pease.

I’ve got some reasonable documentation about it, a kick-ass website (stolen from Dr. Nic’s newgem) and some nice unit tests. I’m now integrating the gem in one of my own projects. If that’s succesfull I’m gonna release a version 0.1. The version after 0.1 will have new features.

The website ws generated with webby. A really nice way to create static websites in ruby. Maybe I’ll dedicate a post/tutorial to webby.

So please look at the website, install the gem and give me some feedback. It will be very appreciated!