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Installed passenger a.k.a. mod_rails

on in Linux, Ruby

Today I’ve installed Phusion passenger on one of our servers. I wanted Redmine for one of our projects so this seemede a nice opportunity to install it.

Installation was a breeze. For mod_rails as well Redmine.

So I was thinking: we have mod_rails installed, we could offer some rails hosting to attract new customers.

But I see three bears on the road with using mod_rails in a shared hosting environment.

1. Same user

Every modrails site runs on the same user :( I’ve spent hours on configuring fastcgi and suexec. But now every hosting custommer’s scripts run under their own user. Would be nice if modrails supported something like that.

2. Memory

I couldn’t find an option to limit the memory usage per mod_rails site. And I know how memory hungry rails can be :(

3. Aliases

Modrails doesn’t support host aliases. This is overcomable but feels like a hack. Wouldn’t it be nice if modrails supported aliases :) Pleeeeeeaaaaase?

Maybe I haven’t read the documentation to well and are my points useless :) In that case: please let me know!