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Installing merb on phusion passenger

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I’ve created a little merb app for a customer. The reason I chose merb because I really like the :provides-api. The app had to generate a lot of xml, so using Merb was really nice.

But the installation on the server was a little troublesome. I had to install some gems (which I of course forgot to do) and I had to figure out how the file permissions had to be.

First step: installing software

aptitude install build-essential ruby1.8-dev libxml2-dev libmysql++-dev
gem install merb datamapper do_mysql merb_datamapper --include-dependencies --no-ri --no-rdoc
gem update --include-dependencies

Step two: project’s dependency packages

aptitude install libmagick9-dev libtidy-0.99-0
gem install orderedhash shared-mime-info rmagick tidy

But the big problem here was libtidy! All the packages keep segfaulting. So I had to use the Gutsy or Feisty package (don’t remember which one exactly. One of the two :) ).

Step three:

Because I wanted to run Merb on apache2 with Phusion passenger I had to create a file. The contents of the file can be found on the merbivore wiki.

Last step: Adjusting permissions

I was ready to start merb, but when I tried to start it, it kept complaining about permission errors. So after a little fiddling I chmod'ed the whole shebang to 750. I think it will be solved if I install suexec on the server.