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on in Linux

xbmc_410In reply to my last article about media centers. Well, I installed xbmc this weekend and actually it kinda sucked. Installation was a breeze: kudos for that. But when I ran it, it hogged all of the cpu time of the second core. 100% constantly.

I’ve got an Ati hd3200 integrated on the motherboard and in combination with XBMC I believe that’s a bad choice. I’ve read numerous threads about people having the same problem as me :( I’m quite upset with this. I don’t blame the XBMC developers, they do a fabulous job, but still it sucks.

I hope that in the next couple of weeks this problem is solved but I don’t think it will. I’m now looking for an alternative but XBMC just looks so polished…. It’s too bad it’s not usable for me :cry:

I’m now downloading the live cd of XBMC and see if that works ‘cause I dont know who to blame: me, ati, xbmc or ubuntu…