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Using the chrome myPlex Queue extension with third party cookies disabled

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I was trying to use the Plex Queue extension for chrome for a while but I was having some problems. Every time I tried to use it I got this error message: You need to sign in first.

I tried reinstalling it and that didn’t work. Then I tried the Plex It bookmarklet but that also didn’t work.

After some Googling I found out that the problem was with me disabling third party cookies in Chrome and Chromium. I didn’t want to enable third party cookies again just to use the Plex Queue extension.

Luckily you can whitelist certain sites in Chromium (and Chrome) to allow third party cookies for a certain site.

In Chrome navigate to the third party cookie settings as follows:

Setting > Show advanced settings > Privacy > Content settings > Cookies

Then click Manage exceptions and add as a new hostname pattern. Then click done and voilá: the Chrome Plex Queue extension works!

Plex Chrome third party cookie settings