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Banner development

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What a busy day it has been. This was the fourth day at my new job. Since monday I’ve been working at Tim_online. But I’ll tell more about that maybe this weekend. When I’ll probably have some sparetime. If I can, I’ll add the logo of TIM to this item tomorrow.

I now have decided that I’ll write everything in English. It’s a good training and I’m now following (well, actually tomorrow is the first college) a specialty on school called ‘internationalisation’. And all lessons are in English. So writting some news for this site is a good training.

I’m also further developing the banner at this site. It is generated through a PHP extension called ‘GD’. And I’m trying to make it as dynamic as possible. The plan is to generate the banner out of a picture irrespective of size or format. If the banner looks weird, I’m working on it.

That was all for today. And if the banner is finished this week I’ll try to add an extra section next week. I think a general section about me. My hobbies etcetera. Once again: keep watching this website.