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Header script almost done

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Friday, I was too early at school and I filled up that time with finishing the header script. It is now almost finished and really cool. The script looks in a directory for pictures and picks one randomly. The picture is then cropped to the right dimensions and text is placed in it. The cropping is done randomly. Meaning that the ‘X’ and ‘Y’ coördinates are picked randomly from that point the picture is being cropped. I tried to explain it through an image, but as you can see it’s not very artistic at all. If you know a good book or tutorial on Adobe Photoshop: tell me.

All I want to add now is maybe a function to make the scale also dynamically. That’s now always a 100%. And I have to ‘tweak’ the font. It is now to unclear sometimes.

Tomorrow, I’ll add an new newssection with some personal information. See you tomorrow!