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Glipper crashing on start desktop

on in Linux

Since I’ve installed Ubuntu Hardy Herron I have this problem that the Glipper applet keeps crashing whenever I’ve started my Gnome desktop. When I add glipper to the panel again, it doesn’t crash anymore (for that session). I couldn’t find a solution, so I let it slide.

But, when I revisited Ubuntu launchpad today to search for the problem, a solution came up.

Someone was even so kindly to provide a deb with the fixed code. You can find that in the same bug report. Well, it really isn’t “fixed”. It’s just a workarround. But it works and it’s not annoying.

The workaround was really simple. Just add these two lines to the top of the glipper executable:

import time

The glipper execuable in Ubuntu is located here: /usr/lib/glipper/glipper I don’t know where it is in other distributions.