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Flash player 10 on Ubuntu Hardy

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Because I’m had (yes, past tense) some issues with Flash player 9 on Ubuntu Hardy Herron, I was looking for some simple way to install Flash 10 on my installation. So I browsed the Ubuntu forums a bit and fout some howto’s. But they all involved some downloading and manual installing the Flash 10 Linux package. Yeah, that was a no-go for me. First of all because it were only some minor issues and because I’m lazy. And manually installing is sooooo 2005.

But then I thought: waaaait a minute, I can pull the same trick I did with ruby 1.8.7 and guessnet! The steps:

  1. Copy this file to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/intrepid.list

  2. Apt-get update

  3. apt-get remove flashplugin-nonfree (just to be save)

  4. Add flashplugin-nonfree to /etc/apt/preferences (here’s the example how including ruby & guessnet)

  5. apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree

  6. Restart firefox

Voila: flash 10

The benefits: no as much cpu-cycles waisted as with Flash 9 (still a lot more than with Flash in Windows) and I don’t have the problem anymore that flash sometimes hangs my browser when I leave a page with Flash on it. Oh, and sometimes Flash didn’t load: that’s solved too!