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Building my new HTPC

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This friday I got all the components of my new HTPC. With thanks to my boss :)

It consists of:

  • Antec Veris Media Fusion Remote Silver

  • Coolermaster 460WATT PSU ExtremePower Plus

  • Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H AM2+

  • AMD Athlon 64 X2 4850E AM2

  • MDT 2048 MB DDR2 800 / PC6400

  • Asus EN8400GS/Silent/HTP 512MB PCI-E

  • Scythe Ninja Mini

  • Some old harddisk I had laying around :)

  • Ubuntu server 8.10

  • 15" touchscreen

The Antec case really looks nice and seems to be built well. Especially the way the harddrives are suspended in mid air :)

I’ve now got the motherboard in the case and mounted the cooler on the cpu. I’ve attached the power-switch stuff, USB connections and mainpower of the motherboard. I still have the second videocard that has to be connected.

The powerswitch was a little tricky though. You have to connect the powerswitch not comming from the LCD display to the back of the display. And the powerswitch cable comming from the LCD has to be connected to the motherboard. But if you know it, it’s simple :)

I’m first going to install KVM for a Windows XP and Windows 2000 server installation. More on that in my next post.

The LCD display is nice but is a little hard to read. Maybe with some good software on my Ubuntu Linux 8.10 installation it gets better. If I manage to get something working I’ll post it here. For example the LCD display, fan monitoring and NVIDIA VPAU and AMD UVD2. Sure hops the latter two work.

Here’s a little impression of the work in progress: