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Zeelandnet Live TV met VLC bekijken

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Je kunt nu live tv bekijken via Zeelandnet / Delta. Hoera! Maar dat gaat of via een Android/iPhone app of via de… (wait for it) Silverlight extensie in je browser als je het op je desktop wilt bekijken.

Kijk, dat je Flash gebruikt voor live streaming...

TIL about SSH agent forwarding

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Today I discovered something I should have discovered ages (AGES!) ago…

So what’s the deal? I have some servers from where I want to push to some remote git repositories (bitbucket, github et cetera). What I normally did: create a new keypair on the...

Quickly testing a webcam on Ubuntu

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I wanted a quick and easy way to test my new Logitech C920 webcam on Ubuntu 12.10. I didn’t want to install any extra software like Cheese.

After some Googling I found the following very easy script:


Some handy bacula commands

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Show what files will be backed up:
echo "estimate listing fileset=Server" | bconsole
List all files...